SCR Plate Catalysts

CERAM produces plate catalysts for use in the energy industry. The catalyst material, which mainly consists of titanium dioxide, tungsten and vanadia, is applied to a stainless steel substrate. Plate-type catalysts are particularly suitable for applications with very high ash fuels (> 25%) or for other applications in which honeycomb catalysts with a very large distance are required, which leads to uneconomically high catalyst volumes.

SCR Plate Catalysts - Product Management

Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Orehovsky

Business Unit Director
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Christina Gotthard

Product Management Assistant

Tanja Krasser

Product Management Assistant

Ing. Michael Aumann

SCR & OXI Catalysts Product Manager

Dipl.-Ing. Sarah Federer

SCR Catalysts Product Manager
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Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Hartung

SCR Catalysts Product Manager
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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jan Merkens

SCR Catalysts Product Manager
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Ing. Thomas Nagl

SCR Catalysts Product Manager
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