SCR Honeycomb Catalysts

IBIDEN Ceram GmbH has produced homogeneous extruded honeycomb catalysts since 1985. It mainly consists of titanium oxide, tungsten oxide and vanadium pentoxide. The required mechanical strength is achieved by adding glass fibres.

The catalysts are used in the so-called SCR process (Selective Catalytic Reduction). This technology is used in calorific power plants, waste incineration plants, stationary diesel engines, industrial plants and heavy commercial vehicles. The nitrogen oxides contained in the flue gases are converted into nitrogen and water vapour, both natural components of air. This is a significant contribution to reducing ground-level ozone, acid rain and the greenhouse effect.

Ceram catalysts are successfully used in a wide variety of applications worldwide. Each of our customers benefits from our international experience.

Power Plants Waste Incineration Combustion Engines Industry
Coal Household waste Marine diesel Glass
Brown coal Hazardouse waste Stationary diesel engines Cement
Biomass admixtures Residues Diesel vehicles Refineries
Heavy oil Locomotives Steel
Light oil Construction machinery HNO3 systems
Gas and diesel engines
Combined cycle power plants
Gas turbines

Looking Ahead

Assessing the properties of used catalyst helps to determine the remaining service life. Thus reliable statements about the remaining operating time, potential need to replace the catalyst or to add an additional layer are made in a good time. We offer this additional service not only to the customers of our products, but also to all users of other brands.

Catalysts with a built-in service:

Efficiency is even better if it has a lasting effect

Our CATLife ™ after-sales service program, which is available in certain countries, ensures that our products deliver the best performance at all times. Tailor-made solutions are developed for every power plant operator in order to meet all requirements and individual conditions. This ensures more economical SCR plant operation.

The CATLife ™ program offers the following services:

  • Capture and evaluation of the condition of the overall SCR system
  • Catalyst management
  • Application support and advice
  • Comprehensive on-site technical support

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