SCR Diesel Catalysts

SCR diesel catalysts enable highly efficient reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in diesel engine exhaust gases to meet legal emission limits. In combination with optimized fuel consumption, which lowers CO2-emissions, this is beneficial to both, the environment and - due to decreased operating costs - to the engine operators and owners.

Hence, economical and ecological interests are promoted at the same time.

With the help of SCR catalysts, diesel-powered engines can meet the applicable limit values for nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. The main areas of application are commercial vehicles, tractors, construction machinery, propulsion and auxiliary engines in shipping, as well as stationary diesel gen-sets. The SCR Diesel catalyst differ from the conventional power plant SCR DeNOx catalysts in its special material composition, product design and high cell density. In contrast to wash coated competitor products, the Ceram SCR diesel catalyst is composed homogeneously of catalytically active materials and offers the customer consistently high performance in a wide range of applications with excellent durability. Due to this excellent product nitrogen oxide emissions drop even below legal limits. Consequently, diesel engines can be calibrated to a maximum NOx output subsequently taken care by the catalyst, which corresponds to engine settings characterized by high power and lower fuel consumption as well as reduced soot particles.

The certified environmental and quality management systems (ISO 14001 and IATF 16949) ensure compliance with legal environmental standards as well as continuous improvements in the development of our products.

Solutions for SCR Diesel Catalysts

Since the Euro IV emissions standard, nitrogen oxide emissions in all vehicles have had to be drastically reduced: from 3.5 g NOx/kWh in 2005 to 0.4 g NOx/kWh for the most stringent legislation worldwide to date, such as Euro VI and T4F / Stage V.

To meet our customers’ requirements we conduct several special product tests, such as
  • NOx reduction over a wide range of operating conditions in lab and bench scale.
  • Three-dimensional contour measurement of the cylinder surface using laser triangulation to ensure dimensional accuracy for the canning process
  • Isostatic compressive strength of the diesel catalytic converters ensures the strength required for the high holding forces of the ceramic mats in vehicle use
IBIDEN Ceram SCR diesel catalysts are fully homogeneous extrudates from highly active oxides, thus providing several advantageous product features, including:
  • High activity
  • High selectivity
  • Excellent sorption capacity and oxidation of hydrocarbons and soot particles
  • High ammonia storage capacity
  • Outstanding durability
  • Negligible generation of greenhouse gases
  • Excellent low-temperature activity
  • High mechanical strength and elasticity thanks to the integration of glass fibres in the material matrix of the active oxides
Standard product formats cover
  • Diameter range from 5.66 to 13 inches
  • Cell densities from typically 300 to 400 cpsi

As Flexible as the Requirements

Highly skilled scientists and engineers are constantly working to support our customers with class-leading catalysts for their applications. You can rely on decades of experience, based on regular training and upskilling.

Our research and development projects cover all aspects of the catalyst life cycle. From joint development projects with raw material suppliers and basic research on new catalyst systems to process development and improvement to the optimization of application-specific catalysts. Continuous improvement programs are applied to existing products and processes.


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