Our core competencies are the basis for a sustainable advanced and new development of products, production processes and service offers.

The focus is on research into new material technologies for the implementation of innovative honeycomb products that meet future requirements on a global market.

Our Future Technology Center is your competent contact for the development and implementation of individual product solutions for your performance requirements.

Core Competencies

Geometry Development
(in house tooling technology)
Shape: round, square, other shapes
Cell geometry: different cell shapes, cell densities
Material Development Oxide ceramics, catalytic materials, Silicate ceramics, high temperature ceramics
Material Inspection Physical, chemical and catalytic properties

Core Competencies



Our current technology and market leadership is based, among other things, on 100 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial ceramics. A milestone in the company's history is the production of catalytic and non-catalytic honeycomb ceramics, which has existed since 1985. As the first manufacturer of SCR catalysts outside of Japan, this technological advantage has been successfully expanded over the decades and further product technologies have been added.

Metal Workshop Centre

To safeguard our know-how and the high demand for tools and wrought materials, we operate our own metal processing centre. The primary use is to cover your own needs so that you can react flexibly and quickly to market requirements. Our competitiveness is guaranteed by our state-of-the-art machinery, which enables the processing of all types of steel.


CERAM catalysts are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our laboratory not only monitors for product quality, but is also fully equipped to evaluate the performance of used catalysts - regardless of the original manufacturer. The CERAM laboratory carries out more than 2500 catalyst activity tests annually. By participating in round robin tests, our laboratory repeatedly proves its leading position. In addition to the catalytic performance, which is defined by the NOx reduction activity, CO oxidation activity and the SO2 / SO3 conversion rate, the laboratory measures numerous other parameters such as:

  • chemical compositions
  • specific surfaces
  • compressive strength
  • pore size distribution

These data make it possible to determine the performance of new and used catalysts, and thus to provide a reliable basis for predictions of the catalyst life.


The high quality standard of our products and the associated processes are the basis for a positive long-term development of our company. The IBIDEN Ceram GmbH plant is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and IATF 16949. In order to further optimize customer benefits, we are constantly developing and improving our quality standards. In doing so, we implement optimal solutions together with our customers. The CERAM brand name stands for the highest quality and reliability worldwide.

Our certifications can be found under Downloads.

Services and Catalyst Management

Every owner of an SCR system is faced with the task of operating the system as cost-effectively as possible. The best possible solution can only be found through a holistic approach that affects not only the catalyst, but the entire SCR system.

The engineers at IBIDEN CERAM GmbH offer their collective 170 man-years of experience in this field to support you. This includes, among other things, inspections of reactors, recording the mechanical condition or clogging, or the optimisation of the NH3 injection, the recording and interpretation of operating data, in-depth investigations of catalysts including lifespan predictions and strategies to extend it.

In our highly specialised laboratory, we carry out catalyst tests regardless of design and manufacturer.

The aim of all activities is to protect your investment and to minimise your total cost of ownership by extending the lifespan.

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